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The Back Yard Chicken Coop

Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

About The Backyard Chicken Coop

Self Blue (Lavender) Orpingtons

Self Blue (Lavender) Orpingtons

Welcome to The Backyard Chicken Coop.

I have always raised chickens as long as I can remember.

Raising chickens is just part of who I am.  I can remember so many young boyhood experiences yet to this day that will always be embedded in my heart and mind.  I guess I have always had a fascination with the day to day joy that bring to my life.

It is my goal to provide you with excellent information that will encourage you in your life of raising chickens.  I hope that they will bring you as much joy as they have me throughout my life.

I am focusing on just a few breeds now in which the Self Blue (Lavender) Orpington Breed will be my main focus.

Breeds I am currently working on:

1.   Self Blue Orpingtons (lavender)  Hinkjc lines

I also will be working on the black hinkjc line.  I purchased eggs directly from them and they are hatching out right now.   I also am currently in the process of getting some Black Orpington eggs to hatch out from a Korfus/Cecil Moore line.

My main focus with the Black Orpingtons is to use them to add in type into the Self Blue (Lavender) Line I am currently working on, But I will also be working on the Black color as well and possibly Blue and Buff colors  in the near future

2.  Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons (Priscilla Middleton line)  I currently just have month old chicks of this breed so this is a work in progress.  The chicks are looking very nice and I am seeing some nice Barring showing up in the chicks .

3.  Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucanas  They came from Hodges Farms and I have a pair that I am breeding.  The hen is a Wheaten and the Rooster I am using is a Blue Wheaten.  He is showing some excellent Ameraucana type and I am liking what I am seeing in the chicks.

My plans are to just work on the Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas once I have these birds going well.

I am also going to be breeding The old Fashioned Heritage breed of Barred Rocks (ringlets) but they are just hatching out now and I will provide pictures and information as I get them going.  I am excited about this breed as I have always loved the Barred Rocks for their amazing color pattern and egg laying ability.

I am working on two strains right now.  The first set of eggs came from Lonesome Pine Farm.

The second set of eggs came from the Kraig Shafer line of

The Ringlet Barred Rocks are very different than hatchery barred rocks and they have a clean and fine barring pattern.  The roosters also get very long saddle feathers.  They are amazing to see!

Have some New Hampshires that I am going to work on that came from Purley Poultry Hatchery. Right now they are just hatchery run and will take a few generations before I begin to sell this breed. I am working on introducing the German line of New Hampshires to the New Hampshires I have now..

You can check the Breeds Available portion of this website and see which breeds I will be carrying, and any pictures I have added.  Right now I am focusing on adding some type into the breeds I have and working on coloring.  I feel to many people are just throwing chickens out there trying to make some money off of people that do not know what the Standards really are.

I am going to do my very best to provide the best colors and type of the breeds I will be carrying.

I hope to be going again in 2013 with chicks available for shipping.

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5 Responses to About The Backyard Chicken Coop

  1. .Hello

    I want to order Lavender Orpington.
    Do you currently have eggs?
    Thank you

  2. I believe you have some excellent bloodlines of the Barred Rocks, and I have admired representatives of these at shows here in the Pacific NW many years ago. I also used a cockerel of one of these (can’t recall which one, and the fancier passed away several years ago) to improve/set the barring on the Barred Leghorns I was working on. A cleanly barred bird is true eye candy — alas — arthritic issues and age forced me to cut back on my birds about five years ago and I kept only one Barred Leghorn cockerel which I then lost to predators, leaving me without any birds to continue the project. One old hen is all I have left now … still laying a few eggs but I don’t know for how long. I am debating whether to start over or try to obtain a “rangey” Barred Rock male with superior barring to mate to the old hen or to mate to Black Leghorn hens. It takes quite a few generations to get good type and barring, though, as the desired wide feather of the leghorn does not combine well with the crisp, fine barring pattern. In the event you have a cockerel that might suit my needs, I’d be happy to buy him from you. The LF Barred Rocks locally available at this time are not the quality I need, as any bird to be used for my project has to have outstanding barring. Please let me know if you might be able to accommodate this request.
    Bjorn Netland (Port Gamble, Washington state)

  3. Where are you located? I’d like to get some more Lavender Orps and possibly some German New Hampshires. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    Will you have any Lavenders or lemon cuckoo chicks available soon? Also, I live in the.area, would it be ok.to pick up at the farm?

  5. I am looking for Wheaton/blue Wheaton chicks, hen, rooster or even eggs. We live in Michigan and wondering if your close to me. I am in lapeer. Do you have anything available now.? Thanks Angie lesh

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