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Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Incubating Cracked Eggs, Repair Them With Bees Wax

Repairing Cracked Eggs For Incubating

BEES WAX to the rescue… Many of us buy some pretty expensive eggs to put in the incubator and have them shipped through the USPS. This is a great way to get some eggs for hatching for some of the high dollar breeds we would like to add to our flock.

Once in a while much to our disappointment we find an egg or two that we paid good money for did not survive the shipping very well and is cracked.

Usually we throw it out or we try to incubate it with no luck only to be thrown out after the first candling because it is not developing.

Here is Something to try if you have a special egg that you really wanted to put in an incubator but you find a small crack in the egg but you do not think it went through the membrane on the inside, and there is no leakage.

Try coating the crack in the egg with Bees Wax. This will seal the egg back up and has been proven to work many times.

I have heard that Elmer’s glue will also work for this as well.

Important things to remember when repairing eggs:

  • Only cover the crack .  Cover as little surface area of the egg as possible to allow as many pores as you can in the egg to remain open for proper air to the developing embryo.
  • Repair the egg as soon as you possibly can to prevent contamination.
  • Chicks may need help in hatching if the wax is in the area where the chick is trying to pip through.  The wax may prevent the chick from breaking through the shell.

Hopefully you will not need to deal with broken eggs during shipping or from accidents that happen when you are candling your eggs to check fertility or to discover the wonders of the developing baby chick inside the egg.  But accidents are bound to happen so be prepared this hatching season.

Good luck and I hope your hatching season is successful.

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