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Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Raising Speckled Sussex Chickens For Brown Eggs

Raising Speckled Sussex Chickens

I purchased my Speckled Sussex Chickens from Dark Eggs Daily this year and I am so very happy with them. I have always enjoyed raising The Sussex breed of chickens, especially the Speckled Sussex. They are a very calm and docile breed of chicken that is very inquisitive in nature. They will follow you around chattering away to themselves around the yard looking for anything and everything to explore.

Speckled Sussex Chickens, Brown egg laying chickens

Speckled Sussex Chickens, Brown egg laying chickens

I have one speckled Sussex hen that we named Dora the Explore that flies up and over the fence everyday I let them out into their outside run. She will wander the yard all day exploring and chattering to herself.

Speckled Sussex Chickens are a great dual purpose breed that is bred for both meat and for excellent egg production, You can expect to get around 240-260 eggs a year form your Speckled Sussex hens. The light Sussex and the White Sussex breeds are the most prolific layers of the Sussex Chicken breed.

The Speckled Sussex is a popular breed for exhibitors as well as the backyard chicken raising enthusiast. Seriously what more could you ask for in a chicken.

Watch my video below and I will show you some of my Speckled Sussex chickens I got from Dark Eggs Daily Hatchery.

If you want a breed of Chickens that will suit every need a poultry enthusiast could want look into getting some Speckled Sussex from Dark Eggs Daily!

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