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Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens: Tips to Raising Chickens

The Speckled Sussex Chicken, Layer of Good Brown Eggs

Speckled Sussex Chicken

The Speckled Sussex is one of my favorite Breeds of Chickens It is a beautiful chicken that becomes more decorative with age. They are ideal for backyard chicken owners who are out to have a most enjoyable chicken that is full of personality and very docile or if they are just out to impress neighbors with a real beauty.

Speckled Sussex get along well with other breeds and can be added to your flock very easily.

They are fair to prolific layers of medium to large, light brown eggs. Some are so light they are a cream color.

The Speckled Sussex does have a tendency to go broody and want to hatch out a clutch of eggs.  They make amazing mothers.

I guess my favorite trait of the Speckled Sussex is their personality.  They love being around people and love to chatter away as they wander around the yard looking for insects.

Want an all around great chicken I recommend the Speckled Sussex.

You can also check out Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America or HPBAA  for more information. HPBAA is Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America.  They are protecting and preserving American Heritage Poultry and Rare Breeds

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3 Responses to The Speckled Sussex Chicken, Layer of Good Brown Eggs

  1. Jeff,
    I am looking for a speckled sussex rooster. Do you have any for sale? What area of the country are you located?

  2. ChickenTender says:

    I am in michigan. I have a young one for sale right now but that is all.

  3. Alaa M.Omari says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Please advise! do you offer Speckled Sussex fertile eggs to international customers?

    USPS perhaps!


    Alaa M.Omari

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